All activities conducted by Teame Zazzu are operated under officially designated TZ Departments, each of which performs authorized coordinated action in conjunction with interdepartmental support units as determined by mission profiles, research orders, committee requests, maintenance requirements, unit traditions, and in accordance with lawful orders issued by properly designated legal authorities, training interfaces and partner agencies
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Team Zazzu takes it mission statement from U.S. Assistant Surgeon General, Ali S. Khan (RET), MD, MPH Director, Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response:

If you are generally well equipped to deal with a zombie apocalypse you will be prepared for a hurricane, pandemic, earthquake, or terrorist attack.
Through its various departments and divisions, Teame Zazzu conducts a series of high Intensity programs that emphasize attitudes of readiness and engagement on safety, adventure, science and technology learning.

Teame Programs teach and train across many disciplines and operational environments. Utilizing instruction, encouragement, and demonstration by experts and authorities, and harnessing the motivation, willingness, and open minds of students within the structure of teamwork and mentorship Teame members have unique opportunities to discover, cross-train, and master diverse sets of skills-building exercises and applications.

Teame Zazzu is here for you
The goal of every Teame member is to set an example of courage, adaptability, caregiving, practical expertise, willingness, and readiness within any situation, continually conducting research and training specializing in conflict resolution and crisis management, mindfulness, autonomic regulation, deep learning, analysis and visualization, diaphragmatic breathing, and reflex utilization.

As they learn and achieve, Teame members gain new membership and mentorship opportunities, and uncover paths to service throughout their community, as well as earning the right to display motivational badges, conduct authorized activities, and relay TZ signals.

Teame Zazzu is committed to emergency preparedness in all forms, specializing in a variety of zombie/drone apocalypse solutions. TZ contingencies encompass environmentally- conscious fashion couture emergency supplies as well as front-loaded logistical support. Team Zazzu also supports legislation pushing our preparedness agenda through friend of the Court briefs.