TZ Mountain Division activities support the mission of Teame Zazzu. During Operation Gunlock Trend multiple objectives and training procedures were accomplished

Each TZ member strives to be all they can be and have fun while doing it. Join Teame Zazzu on our next exciting Mountain exercise activity!

Hit the water
The goal of every Teame member is to set an example for those around them. Go Teame!

TZ Mountain Division specializes in conductiong operation in the most extreme and isolated environments, from Alpine Downhill to rappelling and desert climbing. TZMD is ready to deploy for search and rescue operation and other critical incidents

OPERATION GUNLOCK TREND: Multi-terrain training for Mountain Division members and K-9 pack members on water, land, and rock
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Operation Gunlock Trend capped off a week of exercises in honor of Sector 7 Leader Colin Weiss. TZ achieved several benchmarks in coordinated maneuvers with K-9 units, including a mile run-swim and water introductory course.

TIMP TOP: Mountain Division hikers conduct a bi-annual climb to to the 11752-foot summit of Mt Timpanogas
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A shack in the center of the summit ridge marks the objective, and features a view of of the entire valley below. Mountain Division members descend back along the rugged peak trail, or slide 1300 feet down the glacier to Emerald lake.

TZMD COUPLES TRAINING: Enhanced cohesion and anticipatory improvisation skills development
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TZMD Couples Training is designed to enhance situational awareness, anticipatory improvisation and unit cohesion. In crisis remediation, a couple that trains is the couple that remains. Training together allows couples efficient emergency response skills by mitigating friction and improving teamwork protocols and tactical adjustment.

FLY FISH DIVE: You eat what you catch
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Where the river runs to lake through forest falling over rock waterfalls, TZ members stalk and try their shadowcasts

GLACIER SLIDE: Rapid high-altitude maneuvers on ice, snow, and rock
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TZ members stay ready for anything, including non-traditional rapid maneuver techniques Balance and timing is key if you want to move in safety... and when there is no time left to lose, practice is the only thing that can make a difference.

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