Whether it’s finding solid anchors in questionable terrain, rigging a system to fit a unique situation, or improvising with less-than optimal gear choices, there is always another unique problem to solve when you go vertical.

TZMD practices climbing, rappelling, and technical rescue skills in a variety of rock types, pitches, environments, and rigging situations. For recreation, Search and Rescue, wilderness movement, or B.A.S.E jump, the climbing and rigging skills are an essential skill. Utilization of Drones can extend a climbers toolkit in unexpected ways.

Where there's a rope there's a way.
Rather than a single rope, these rescues involve a mainline and a belay; multi-pitch anchors usually have three pieces of pro, while technical anchors have at least four; and rescuers get lowered, rather than rappelling. These differences are a reflection of the increased load size and the number of resources. In a technical rescue, you’re not moving one person—there’s a patient, a litter, and a rescuer to manage the litter, and a significant increase in load. The basic gear is a harness, helmet, cordalettes, carabiners, and prusiks. Other climbing gear can be used safely in rescue situations, such as using two plaquette devices in place of a bulky brake rack. No matter how much experience one has, vertigo can occur suddenly and unexpectedly. Planning experience and equipment checks are essential, as well as developing a high level of trust among all members of the crew. Go Teame!

TZ Mountain Division specializes in conducting operations in the most extreme and isolated environments, from alpine downhill to rappelling and desert climbing. TZMD is ready to deploy for search and rescue operation and other critical incidents

AIREDROP: Teame members make a rapid descent from 8621 feet peak elevation in two-man K-9 packs
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This peak hike is a workout for person and beast, but achievable even by beginner hikers. Acclimation to high altitudes and motivation are the all hard work it takes to summit a mountain.

OPERATION FALCON BERM: TZMD completed the live-fire exercises using close combat small unit tactics low vertically separated man-portable UAS surveillance equipment.
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The operation focused on airspace control and air-ground integration planning and strategies for distributed asymmetrical deployment, recovery and appointment of UAS systems.

DRUM HILL: Immediate response scenario tests TZMD readiness.
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TZ participants were delivered the scenario in the midst of other training, and were obligated to plan and engage their response immediately. The scenario tested readiness, coordination, and willingness to engage challenges.

FLY FISH DIVE: You eat what you catch
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Where the river runs to lake through forest falling over rock waterfalls, TZ members stalk and try their shadowcasts

JUMP & THUMP - Skydive out of a plane and SCUBA dive into a plane during live fire exercises
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How many different pressures can your ears take in a single day? Skydiving, Scuba, Underground, Underwater, Night and Day, Jump and Thump participants plugged their ears and listened for the next challenge to face during non-stop live-fire operations"

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