Tactics, Techniques and Procedures are constantly improving in the realm of small unit emergency response. In the interest of improving TZ Critical Incident Response TZRD has conducted a After Action Review (AAR) of the Critical Incident Response(CIR)conducted by Special Operations Forces in response to being ambushed and overwhelmed by Nigerian Terrorists. This intelligence product was compiled with information drawn from multiple sources including SOFREP and the New York Times.

From SOFREP -"The men were outnumbered and once fire superiority was lost due to the nature and execution of the ambush, the situation quickly began to deteriorate."

We honor these men by watching their last stand, not by turning away; they were true warriors to the end.
"The team was caught out in the open with only their (unarmored) vehicles and what looks to be a B6 Land Cruiser (armored) to use as cover and the militants were dispersed throughout a tree line in greater numbers. With no way to regain the initiative, the men attempted to egress and were eventually killed. They killed 21 enemy militants before it was all over." Go Teame!

TZ Research & Development assists other TZ Divisions with the technology, assets, and technical assistance required to support TZ operatives in the field. TZ Drone Division and the TZ.ROV and TZ.UAV programs are just some of the myriad ways TZR&D assists during critical interventions to support TZ in its efforts to contribute to the community

CRYPTIC COLORATION: TZRD supports 4 season operation with the production and acquisition of kit for use in sub-zero temperatures.
Keywords: - Guns - - Gear - - DIY -
Requiring each member to maintain readiness and kit to allow for tactical emergency response in even the most severe conditions. Special attention is required to arms, clothing and footwear to ensure a safe and effective response during any weather.

ROV5 GETS AROUND: On the move with ROV5!
Keywords: - Robots - - Rovers - - Rov5 -
With its various MRLS modules and capabilities, ROV5 is a Teame Favorite!

SAR UAV CHALLENGE FACTORS: Integration of the UAV assets into a busy command workflow must be as distraction-free, painless, simple, and useful as possible.
Keywords: - Drones - - Flying - - Mindset - - Readiness - - SAR - - Search and Rescue -
The primary use of UAVs during SAR operations is for Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition, and Reconnaissance (ISR), to serve the SAR mission of finding a target, fixing the target position, and finishing the rescue or recovery. UAV SAR missions do not easily fit into a ready-made template. They are as diverse as the SAR exercises and organizations they support -- ranging from quick response in confined hazardous environments to persistent observation of large areas over long periods of time.

KILLING SPREE: Baton Rouge Active Shooter
Keywords: - Readiness - - Survival - - Shooting - - Police - - Attacks - - Active Shooter -
After Action Review (AAR) of the Critical Incident Response(CIR)conducted by Louisiana Law Enforcement first responders.

DOGS, MEET DRONES: Before Zazzu K9 handlers can successfully utilize their service animals alongside active drone assets, they must familiarize each dog to the constant presence of drones.
Keywords: - Drones - - K9 - - Working Dogs - - Dog Training - - Rovers - - ROV5 -
Studies have shown that dogs will respond to signal cues from drones and robots just as they do to human signals.

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