Team Zazzu Mountain Division trains to operate in tight quarters, low light environments. With K9 units, Drone division assets, and Aquanautics support, TZ mountain division trains for cave and cavern entry, drainage and sewer tunnel excavation, and access tunnel clearance and control

In claustrophobic darkness and dangerous spaces, control of autonomic response, adherence to procedure, and experience is key to successful operations.

Watch your back. Dark in there.
K9 units and ROV units require special handling, preparation, and exposure training to operate underground Go Teame!

TZ Mountain Division specializes in conductiong operation in the most extreme and isolated environments, from Alpine Downhill to rappelling and desert climbing. TZMD is ready to deploy for search and rescue operation and other critical incidents

OPERATION GUNLOCK TREND: Multi-terrain training for Mountain Division members and K-9 pack members on water, land, and rock
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Operation Gunlock Trend capped off a week of exercises in honor of Sector 7 Leader Colin Weiss. TZ achieved several benchmarks in coordinated maneuvers with K-9 units, including a mile run-swim and water introductory course.

OPERATION FALCON BERM: TZMD completed the live-fire exercises using close combat small unit tactics low vertically separated man-portable UAS surveillance equipment.
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The operation focused on airspace control and air-ground integration planning and strategies for distributed asymmetrical deployment, recovery and appointment of UAS systems.

TZMD GUN & FUN: TZ Mountain Division got together for a day of target practice at the Family Shooting Center!
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TZ mentors helped all participants practice proper form, breathing, sighting, and trigger control techniques during the event

OPERATION DOUBLE DECKER: Mission planning and situational awareness technology integration tests conducted between remote technicians and field operatives.
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Newly developed mission planning and situational awareness technologies were integrated procedurally around a TZMD core 3-man ground operational element, and live-tested in a real-world environment

STEEL BABE: Fashion gets feisty with Mountain Division
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TZFD & TZMD conducted combined manuvers and emergency response for a little morale building among Teame Members!

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