TZ Mountain Division specializes in conducting operation in the most extreme and isolated environments, from Alpine Downhill to rappelling and desert climbing. TZMD is ready to deploy for search and rescue operation and other critical incidents

TZ Mountain Division activities support the mission of Teame Zazzu.

Each TZ member strives to be all they can be and have fun while doing it. Join Teame Zazzu!

Mountain Division
The goal of every Teame member is to set an example for those around them. Go Teame!


SURVIVE THIS: Air Medical Survival Challenge
Keywords: - Readiness - - Flying - - Drones - - Mindset - - Survival - - Search and Rescue - - SAR -
Together with multiple state and private agencies, Teame Zazzu conducted a wilderness hard landing survival scenario involving air medical helicopters dispatched to a scene flight in Tooele County for a dirt bike accident. As the flight center worked on GPS coordinates the the pilot announces engine fire in flight. As the helicopters turn on final approach to LZ the pilot announces to crew to expect a hard landing with limited power. TZ forces deploy by air and ground serving as training guides, rescue operations support, and drone reconnaissance units to find the downed aircrews, fix their position, and document their survival until the search and rescue operations are finished.

JUMP & THUMP - Skydive out of a plane and SCUBA dive into a plane during live fire exercises
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How many different pressures can your ears take in a single day? Skydiving, Scuba, Underground, Underwater, Night and Day, Jump and Thump participants plugged their ears and listened for the next challenge to face during non-stop live-fire operations"

OVERLOOK SPARK: TZ conducts ongoing utility studies of UAV engagements.
Keywords: - Readiness - - Drones - - Exercises -
Operating as a detached maneuvering element, TZ Mountain Division conducted live fire exercises in conjunction with overhead UAV support.

TZMD COUPLES TRAINING: Enhanced cohesion and anticipatory improvisation skills development
Keywords: - Guns - - Readiness - - Mindset - - Preparedness - - Training -
TZMD Couples Training is designed to enhance situational awareness, anticipatory improvisation and unit cohesion. In crisis remediation, a couple that trains is the couple that remains. Training together allows couples efficient emergency response skills by mitigating friction and improving teamwork protocols and tactical adjustment.

OPERATION ZEPHYR: Extreme weather emergency response
Keywords: - Readiness - - Weather - - Tornado - - Search and Rescue - - Disaster - - Exercises -
Coordinated emergency disaster response in the aftermath of a tornado touchdown reproduced damage occurring in a residential community after thunderstorms formed a rapidly moving squall line and spun an F-2 tornado. Local volunteers activated to respond to the incident were placed under TZ command elements and dispatched as a rapid reaction force designated Alpha Team.

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