Hasty planning and rapid reaction met on Drum Hill, as Mountain Division responded to a live-fire emergency response situation with no prior knowledge of the scenario.

TZ participants were delivered the scenario in the midst of other training, and were obligated to plan and engage their response immediately. The scenario tested readiness, coordination, and willingness to engage challenges.

Find the Target and Engage!
A three-man team performed a flanking manuever and pushed to the target while engaging covering bounding formations. When the target area was cleared, they peeled off and fell back to a safe area. Go Teame!

TZ Mountain Division specializes in conducting operations in the most extreme and isolated environments, from alpine downhill to rappelling and desert climbing. TZMD is ready to deploy for search and rescue operation and other critical incidents

INDEPENDENCE SHADOW: Live-fire practice manuever and ingress/egress in contested environments
Keywords: - Readiness - - Exercises - - Guns -
Silent Maneuvers and sudden contact procedures are an essential Mountain Division skill. TZMD members practiced ingress and egress maneuvers in wet, silent, and hot environments. With trained K9 units, TZMD moved swiftly through the mosquito-infested terrain. Safe movements were combined with a rapid tempo to simulate real-world problems.

OPERATION FLANK STAKES: This live-fire exercise will simulate a rapidly deployed search and recovery mission in hostile territory by a squad-sized TZMD force utilizing areal and ground KAZI and ROV drone assets in a screen recon and force protection role.
Keywords: - Readiness - - Exercises - - Drones - - Rovers -
Operation Flank Stakes aims to safely train and reinforce learned tactics, test equipment and procedures, gain teamwork experience, and produce public outreach materials while conducting a simulated search and recovery mission to return a missing flight recorder from the encampment where it is held, while practicing leave-no-trace land management techniques. A patrol critique and after-action review will be presented to capture learning gained during the operation.

OPERATION GUNLOCK TREND: Multi-terrain training for Mountain Division members and K-9 pack members on water, land, and rock
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Operation Gunlock Trend capped off a week of exercises in honor of Sector 7 Leader Colin Weiss. TZ achieved several benchmarks in coordinated maneuvers with K-9 units, including a mile run-swim and water introductory course.

STEEL BABE: Fashion gets feisty with Mountain Division
Keywords: - Fashion - - Preparedness - - Post-Apocalypse -
TZFD & TZMD conducted combined manuvers and emergency response for a little morale building among Teame Members!

TIMP TOP: Mountain Division hikers conduct a bi-annual climb to to the 11752-foot summit of Mt Timpanogas
Keywords: - Nature - - - - Climbing -
A shack in the center of the summit ridge marks the objective, and features a view of of the entire valley below. Mountain Division members descend back along the rugged peak trail, or slide 1300 feet down the glacier to Emerald lake.

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